This can be found on letters from Companies House to your company. You can look it up on Companies House website by searching for your company name.

The Company Authentication Code was sent from Companies House to the director/s when the company was registered. If you cannot find it, you can request a reminder from Companies House to be posted to the company's registered address. This will take about 7 days to arrive. We can only submit the Confirmation Statement when you have both the Authentication Code.

To use this service to close down your limited company, please ensure the following:

- that your company does not have any outstanding liabilities such as bank loans, supplier credits, government loans, as well as debts to government agencies like HMRC and Companies House.

- you must be authorised to make decisions on behalf of the company. Usually, you must be a director of the company with decision-making authority.

Complete the Order Form below for us to submit an application to Companies House to strike off (close down) your limited company, on your behalf.